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General info and list of exchanges for DCORP Utility (DRPU)

Whats DCORP? DCORP is autonomous, decentralized and democratic. An organization that exists on the blockchain as a series of smart-contracts. DCORP manages its own tokens (DRPS/DRPU) and the Ether that it holds. Is the exchange profit (after deducting all operational cost) shared with all DRPS holders? 2/3 of the profits will go directly back into the smart contract if cashflow allows it, and if we do not need the funds for future investments, 1/3 of the profits goes back to DCORP. Is the profit shared in ETH or EUR? The profit is shared in Euro because the exchange is based in the Netherlands. Euro can always be converted into ETH before the payout. The proposal says for Q1: "Secure initial investment / working capital". What does this mean? This means securing the support of the community for the new direction. "API for 3rd party integrations and algorithmic trading" - does this mean bots can use these API's to trade, or that the API only provides data? This means that machine will be made available as an interface to our users. With this interface, it is possible to perform several actions through software.
Examples include: placing orders, querying order status’, balances, and market data (volume, order book, spot price, etc.). Algorithmic trading refers to the process of trading using software and algorithms at a speed that is orders of magnitudes faster than a human is able to trade.
How many developers will work at the Exchange right from the beginning? In the Whitepaper only Frank is declared as Lead Developer At this moment we cannot give a staffing number. Once we decided on the exchange software supplier we also know the exact requirements. That will allow us to analyze how to integrate this into our platform and budget accordingly. It seems the SEC considers almost all coins as securities. If this is the case the split into DRPS and DRPU is not changing anything for DCORP. Any plan for this? Can DCORP explain the functionality of DRPU and DRPS in light of these new developments? As the past year has proven, financial regulations for securities are changing and evolving rapidly. We keep a close eye on these developments and keep in mind that specific DRPU/DRPS use cases may be developed in the near future that adopt to changed regulations. If CME can do derivatives, why can’t we? Is there a response from the Dcorp team on trueEX LLC planning to offer derivatives on crypto? / What are the principle regulations that made us put our DEP on the shelves? Because of the heavy development of financial regulations for derivative cryptocurrency products, increased enforcement of these laws, and more recently even banning them for offering to specific customer groups (consumers mostly), there is currently no viable and secure business case to be made.
This is DCORP’s current assessment. If we evaluate such a business case can be made in the future, we shall certainly investigate and try to make it work.
Are we planning to register with SEC? Do we need to? As a Dutch based company, we shall first seek compliance endorsements or exemptions from Dutch and European regulators. If and when that becomes necessary for products involved, we shall seek SEC compliance approval. To this end we keep in touch with US security lawyers. Can't you create a SEC compliant derivatives exchange? I think one can follow the regulations and create one. Many exchanges are applying for license to sell security tokens. US institutes are selling derivatives of bitcoin. How come now we have this problem all of a sudden? As a Dutch based company, we shall first seek compliance endorsements or exemptions from Dutch and European regulators.
Because of the heavy development of financial regulations for derivative cryptocurrency products, increased enforcement of these laws, and more recently even banning them for offering to specific customer groups (consumers mostly), there is currently no viable and secure business case to be made.
Can you please clarify to DCORP investors/community if the development so far has been slower than you expected? If so, why? I see an MVP of a platform, and a couple of partnerships. It is all building up, but seems slow. I know more people have this question and observation. To avoid the FUD, please clarify. "Unfortunate but not uncommon for a startup, pivoting and having to improvise is required. In our case this might have been amplified due to experimental technology, an ever changing regulatory landscape and very limited ways to respond to those changes.
Another factor is opportunity. In a world where beginner's mistakes in code resulted in the loss of millions, the ability to create airtight smart-contracts is an interesting skill. Our reputation of building smart-contracts that have never failed is not only interesting for DCORP but also for others. It resulted in many partnerships and recently token airdrops, creating value for DRPU and DRPS holders.
Although development progressed slower than expected, a lot was accomplished and/or is actively being developed.
On the traditional side of the development spectrum we've launched the beta version of both the VC platform and the Academy while the mobile app (Android and IOS) is being developed behind the scenes.
On the blockchain side we've developed multiple tokens including changers and burners, voting capabilities, multi purpose accounts, airdrops and the largest part of the remainder for the VC platform, including the complete funding pipeline.
Also worth mentioning is that smart-contract development is different from regular development. Besides the experimental characteristics, smart-contracts are exposed to unique security risks and once published they are immutable. We've created hundreds of unit and integration tests to make sure that the code acts as expected and investors money is not lost."
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